Lincolnshire Business Awards

Micronclean is a proud supporter of the Lincolnshire Business Awards 2020 which were presented at a virtual event on the evening of 24th March 2021.

One of the Awards handed out on the night included the Family Business of the Year Award, sponsored by Micronclean which was presented to Lincoln Security.

Mike Webb, Marketing Manager at Micronclean said they were delighted to have sponsored the Family Business Category at the Lincolnshire Business Awards.

He said: “As a family-owned business we understand the unique qualities that family ownership can bring to the best companies in terms of Stewardship, Knowledge, Innovation and Excellence and how this can shape and drive a company forward.

“As a company this year Micronclean has continued to support all our customers not only in the UK but around the world whether it be in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, automotive, transport or steelmaking. We have also continued with the building of our new cleanroom garment laundry in Bangalore, India.”

For more information about our Indian Cleanroom Landry facility: India Cleanroom Laundry Facility 

Micronclean and Covid Vaccine Development.

Micronclean is the UK market leader in the provision of cleanroom garment rental and laundry services with over 40 years of experience in the marketplace. As a result of world-leading garment processing technology, unrivaled technical support and exceptional customer service, Micronclean has the privilege of providing cleanroom garments to over 65% of the aseptic pharmaceutical/biotechnology production facilities in the UK.

This means that alongside our sister company CES we have routinely serviced UK companies for many years that have become household names during the development of Covid-19 vaccines including:

  • OxfordBiomedica
  • AstraZeneca (AZ)
  • Wockhardt (CP Pharma)
  • Valneva
  • Source Bioscience
  • Origin Healthcare
  • Albumedix
  • Thermofisher Scientific
  • Perkin Elmer
  • Catapult

Find out more information about our cleanroom clothing and consumables range.

Micronclean Developing and Supporting Internally.

During the pandemic, Micronclean has prided itself in that our deliveries of garments to all our customers from steelmaking to high tech pharmaceuticals have continued uninterrupted and we have managed expectations of what is possible with cleanroom consumables given the challenges of the supply situation.

However, the reality is that although much of our business can be said to have carried on ‘as usual, the reality is that has been far from the case with many members of staff having to make major changes to their work practices. Without that flexibility by the team, Micronclean would never have delivered the service we have to our customers.

However, as a result of the extended period of versions of lockdown, it is clear many people are feeling the pressures of operating out of the ‘normal’ and Micronclean are doing a great deal of work on mental health and wellbeing to help with this. During the first lockdown, all 13 members of our Mental Health and Wellbeing team had mental health first aid training and are now able to support other members of staff should the need arise.

Micronclean Looking to the Future.

As a company, Micronclean prides itself on looking to the future and developing new solutions that change the markets we serve.  As a result, during the last 6 months, we have recruited 25 members of staff alongside the recruitment of 3 university students to work with us next year as part of their degrees. 

In this way not only can we secure our existing customers with our current product and service portfolio, but we can look forward to recruiting new business not only in the UK and India but also around the world.


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