VeriGuard 1 IPA Polypropylene Tub Wipe Sterile

Product Code: WSVG05020-A/I, WSVG01020-A/I (GLVG-1-200-R-S)


  • Designed for low grade cleanroom areas 
  • An aggressive and intricate wipe for cleaning 
  • Designed for high volume usage 
  • Long lasting alcohol retention 
  • Re-fillable pouch 


Product Specification - VeriGuard 1 IPA Polypropylene IPA Tub Wipe (Sterile)


  • Hard surface wiping 
  • Wiping for the cleanroom transfer process 


  • Continous filament thermobonded nonwoven polypropylene wipe 
  • HDPE Tub 
  • 200 wipes per tub
  • 12 tubs per case 
  • 18gsm wipe weight 
  • 2 years shelf life 


Product Code Description Size Pack Qty Case Qty
WSVG05020-A/I IPA Polypropylene Tub Wipe Sterile 203 mm x 203 mm 200 12 x 200
WSVG01020-A/I IPA Polypropylene Tub Wipe Refill Sterile 203 mm x 203 mm 200 20 x 200


IPA SDS Wipes/Mops (UK/IE)

IPA SDS Tücher/Mopp (DE/AT/BE)

IPA SDS Toallitas/Trapeadores (ES)

IPA SDS Salviette/Mocio (IT)

IPA SDS Lenços/ Mopas (PT)