Cleanroom Ninja hood

Product Code: EW2


  • 100% Monofilament Polyester Construction 
  • Stud adjustments front and rear for wearer comfort
  • Non shedding 
  • Heat sealed edges to remove loose fibers 
  • Long shawl to control particulate fall inside garments
  • Complete face closure to reduce particulate release


  • ISO 14644-1:2015 Cleanrooms Class 6 and above
  • GMP Grade A - D environments 
  • Anti-static controlled environments 


  • Close face hood, eye slits only 
  • Horizontal / vertical stud adjustment at rear
  • Long length shroud 
  • Full Cleanroom construction 
  • Heat sealed edges 


Standard Colours

  • Light Blue

Non-Standard Colours

  • Navy
  • Bottle Green
  • White
  • Grey


Standard Size Range 

  • SML to 2XL

Non - Standard Size Range

  • XSM to 3XL

Colour Options

Standard BlueStandard Blue