GuardTack2 Peel off mat -Low tack

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  • Pressure sensitive adhesive that contains a spore growth retardant
  • Medium Tack
  • 30 numbered sheets per mat


GuardTack2 Data Sheet


Entry mat designed to capture contamination from traffic before entry into controlled area  such as 

  • Inside/outside cleanroom areas,
  • Air showers
  • Gown rooms
  • Entry hallways.


  • LDPE mats coated with water-based acrylic adhesive 
  • 30 numbered sheets per mat
  • 4 mats per pack 


  White Grey Blue
66cm x 114cm (26"x 45") ANWH04026 ANGY04026 ANBL04026
46cm x 114cm (18"x 45") ANWH04018 ANGY04018 ANBL04018
91cm x 91cm (36"x 36") ANWH04336 ANGY04336 ANBL04336
33cm x 114cm (13"x 45") ANWH04036 ANGY04036  
46cm x 56cm (18"x 22") ANWH04122    
60cm x 91cm (24"x 36")   ANGY04236  
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