Cleanroom Garments Non Sterile

Non Sterile Cleanroom garments. Used in ISO Class 5 - 8 Grade B - D Environments

The Micronclean ISO 14644 Class 4 (Grade B) facility at Skegness offers a unique service that meets all of our customers needs and requirements.  Processing of garments achieves Class 5 non-sterile release, along with Class 4 Sterile release through gamma irradiation, where applicable.  The Skegness plant operates a unique SCADA system to control the quality functions within the facility.  Every garment is released with full decontamination to Class A of the ASTM F51/00 standard for particulate control.

Each garment that enters the facility is processed through a strict batch controls system.  Each delivery to our customers is accompanied with a certificate on conformity and where applicable a certificate of irradiation