Micronclean use our in-house developed ProTrack system to track your individual production garments through our entire process. This level of detail ensures and our ability to automatically send you customised reports means that the length of time you spend managing your garment contract is minimised.

All of the garments processed in our Louth, Grantham and Skegness PPE laundries have RFID transponders, making them the only laundries in the UK that make full use of this technology. The advantage of RFID is that it does not need line of sight to scan, is quicker and is more accurate than Barcodes.

Cleanroom garments that are processed through the ISO Class 4 laundry at Skegness use bar codes and scanners to ensure the same level of traceability as the Gamma irradiation step on sterile garments disprupts the RFID chip. 

The fundamental difference between Protrack and most other laundry systems is that ProTrack manages the individual garment and allows a high level of traceability whereas most other systems treat individual items as part of a pool.

ProTrack has been developed using industry leading programming languages and utilises the Microsoft .Net Framework and a Microsoft SQL Server database. Micronclean are able to utilise this environment to produce bespoke reports that are automatically emailed to our customers on weekly or monthly basis. 

Reports that can be provided to customers include:

  • Invoicing 
  • Contract overview including number of garments, charges and outstanding Residual Values.
  • Garment information including issue date, last scan and number of scans.
  • Scan information by week or period.
  • Repair information, by wearer, department, time period, cost centre etc.
  • We are able to give customers remote access to Protrack to see the live data for their contracts.

At every level from “customer” (all your garments) down to an individual garment (locker number, size, colour age etc) the system allows us to set up bespoke services for customers, such as:

  • Garments can be sorted using a multitude of criteria allowing them to be in locker order, departments, sizes, in effect any criteria which can be held on the Protrack database may be used to ‘sort’ the output to meet customer requirements.
  • Inspection criteria can be set to meet the customers need and by using RFID transponders the individual garment details are presented at inspection.
  • Many PPE fabrics have wash limits set by the manufacturer and Micronclean can set an electronic ‘flag’ in order to automatically replace those garments when the process limit criteria is reached. The software automatically creates the requisition that replaces the garment.