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With Over 130 Years of Experience, Knowledge and Innovation, Micronclean continues to lead the way.

Fry Family | Cedric Fry, Donovan Fry, Simon Fry

Micronclean has been owned and managed by Fry family since the 1920’s and throughout our history, we have focused on quality, innovation, attention to detail and customer care. These attributes have been formalised into the SKIEs programme which covers Stewardship, Knowledge, Innovation and Excellence. The SKIE's attributes provide a compass for our strategic direction, help inform the multitude of day-to-day business decisions and keep our customers firmly at the centre of everything we do.

Micronclean employs over 400 people across the UK with most of these being based at our three main production sites in Lincolnshire. We have an active Continuous Improvement programme driving business improvement for our customers. 

Looking to the future, we are confident of growth not only in the UK but also in export markets as we seek to leverage not only our laundered garment and mopping service, but also consumables sales. Our unique in depth laundry knowledge delivers business opportunities in overseas markets in line with our mission statement

2021 | Micronclean India Cleanroom Laundry

Following a two-year design and build programme our new cleanroom garment processing facility has been commissioned in Vemagal to the North East of Bangalore. Micronclean India are also proud to announce that their recently opened state-of-the art cleanroom laundry in Bangalore has recruited its first commercial customer.

2018 | ISO 9001:2015

Micronclean successfully transition to the new ISO 9001: 2015 standard following a recent two-day BSI surveillance audit.

2017 | MicronDevices Cleanroom

Micronclean opened a new ISO Class 6 / EU GMP Grade C cleanroom facility specifically for the production of medical devices such as syringe packs and other customised sterile packs.

2016 | Critical Environment Solutions Ltd (CES)

Micronclean aquired CES and began working as sister companies to delivery a range of cleanroom products/services to the industry.

2015 | ISO 50001

Micronclean embraced ISO 50001, the Energy Management Standard to demonstrate its continuing commitment to the environment and to formalise its existing energy reduction initiatives.

2013 | Expanded Consumables Offering

Micronclean acquired Guardline Technology in order to expand its cleanroom consumable offering. The enhanced cleanroom consumable business is now run out of a single dedicated facility in Skegness.

2011 | ISO Class 5 Manufacturing Cleanroom

Micronclean opened a new  ISO 5 cleanroom in Skegness for the manufacture of cleanroom consumables. The room was specifically designed to permit the safe dosing of alcohol into trigger sprays and wipes.

2007 | ISO 13485 Certification

Micronclean became registered to ISO 13485, the medical device standard, and launched a range of sterile medical devices.

2003 | ISO Class 6 Laundry

Micronclean opened an ultra-modern laundry in Louth, validated to ISO 6 with an original capacity of 120,000 garments per week. This facility remains the most technically advanced class 6 laundry in Europe.

1997 | ISO Class 4 Laundry

Micronclean opened a brand new cleanroom laundry in Skegness, this ISO 4 (GMP Grade B) cleanroom laundry uses a high purity Reverse Osmosis water system.

1989 | High Capacity Barrier Plant

A high capacity barrier plant was built at Grantham which was the first workwear laundry in the UK to physically separate soiled and clean garments.

1987 | ISO 9001 Certification

Micronclean becomes the first laundry to obtain Quality Management System BS 5750 (now BS EN ISO 9001) for its process and garment rental operation.

1981 | First Cleanroom Laundry

We designed and patented a laundry decontamination system for garments which were to be worn in cleanrooms and so created our first cleanroom laundry in Skegness.

1929 | A Family Owned Business

Cedric Fry purchases the Skegness Steam Laundry starting the family ownership that continues to this day. Within a decade the laundry has become the largest in Lincolnshire.

1883 | Skegness Steam Laundry

The Skegness Steam Laundry starts providing a service to the hotels and boarding houses which were rapidly being built in Skegness.