For all your workwear, cleanroom garments and consumables.

At Micronclean our passion is to be the first to develop new technological solutions that change the shape of the markets we serve creating efficiency and quality for our customers.


Alcohol Trigger Sprays

Best in class trigger sprays featuring a transparent low centre of gravity bottle with long trigger handle for ease of use.



Polychloroprene sterile gloves specifically manufactured and packed for maximum cleanroom compatibility giving protection from cytotoxic drugs without compromising dexterity or operator comfort.


Cleanroom Clothing

The Micronclean ISO 14644 Class 4 (Grade B) facility at Skegness offers a unique service that meets all of our customers needs and requirements.


Cleanroom Supplies

Micronclean has for the past 35 years positioned itself to become the preferred specialist supplier of cleanroom consumable products.



Micronclean, has developed and refined a range of aftercare services that maintain the protective properties of workwear and PPE garments whilst providing effective cleaning.


Cleanroom Cleaning

The Micronclean Cleaning Team are a dedicated unit specially trained for environment decontamination. They have been serving a variety of clean industries including Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Semiconductor since 2001.


Providing critical garment services for over 45 years

With a heritage dating back 140 years, Micronclean has since the 1970's focussed it's laundries on becoming a specialist suppliers of cleanroom garments, workwear and PPE.


Download the Micronclean Consumables brochure

The Micronclean cleanroom consumables brochure details our full range of cleanroom supplies.