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The SKIEs attributes provide a compass for our strategic direction, inform day-to-day business decisions and keep our customers firmly at the centre of everything.


Micronclean has been owned and managed by the Fry family since Cedric Fry acquired the original laundry in 1928, although it had  been in existence for many years prior to that. Donovan Fry took over when his father Cedric died in 1968, and he in turn handed over the reins when he retired in 1993 to his son Simon Fry who is the current family member in charge of the business.

Ownership by one family for so long stamps an identity that separates the company from other businesses. For Micronclean, this is a long-term focus to create world beating technology, systems, products and services. These are supported by the honesty and integrity of our workforce, all backed by a consistent financial investment.


Knowledge is the foundation of Micronclean’s ability to serve its customers with Excellence and Innovation. To support our strategic ambition we must improve our processes by consistently investing in both technology and our people so that one equally supports the other. In addition, we must understand our customers as well as we understand our technologies, so that we not only see opportunities but we also bring them to market.

This strategic ambition is transforming the organisation so that not only has it retained its position as a market leading supplier of cleanroom garments, mops and laundry services but it has actively developed its position as a market leading provider of contamination control products and services and has become a medical device manufacturer.


Micronclean’s primary strategic choice is to position itself as the technological market leader and this defines the business.

As a result, Micronclean has a discrete R&D Team that is focused on taking concepts and ideas and from these delivering innovative new products and solutions to serve our customers worldwide. Whilst the focus of R&D must be firmly on the bringing to market of new products and services, it is also heavily involved in the incremental improvement of existing products, services and internal systems that are necessary to maintain our position of market leadership.


Excellence is Micronclean’s business process to continually improve the quality conformance and cost base of the business’s products and services.  At the core of Micronclean is a drive to lead the market technologically. This is shown by the invention, introduction and refinement of industry leading ideas such as production facilities that break new ground, control systems that ensure product conformance, software that produces unparalleled product traceability and environmental monitoring systems to allow parametric release of product and GMP compliance. 

It is all too easy, with a new successful product that is producing good margins and with little competitive pressure, to rest on one’s laurels. However, cost controls are still vital as lowering costs allows Micronclean to simultaneously ensure its future survival but also pass on a lower price to customers.