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1) How do I contact the Cleanroom Cleaning department?

To book a no obligation survey please contact us on or call +44 (0)1754 767 377


2) Is Micronclean’s Cleanroom Cleaning a tailored service?

Yes, we ensure that both Decontamination Cleans and Regular Cleans are fully tailored to the needs of the controlled environment and the exact customer requirement. In all cases the agreed requirement of the clean are captured in a site specific Clean Plan.


3) Do you offer microbiological testing?

Depending on your requirements we can offer a range of microbiological testing in order to verify cleaning. All our cleanroom cleaning samples are sent to an independent microbiological laboratory for analysis. The laboratory is audited on a regular basis by UKAS and customers from cleanroom industries including pharmaceutical and biotechnology, ensuring its testing systems remain in line with current best practice.


4) Have you heard of Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging?

Yes, we can provide you with information on innovative cleaning methods such as Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging – to find out more submit an enquiry here.


5) Can you help with training?

Yes, many of our customers consult us on their training/methods and we assist them using our extensive knowledge of the products and procedures.


6) Are your services appropriate for the Medical Device industry?

At Micronclean our Cleanroom Cleaning services are perfect for the Medical Device industry. Other industries we often service include:
• Pharmaceutical
• Healthcare
• Semiconductor
• Optical/Laser
• Laboratory
• Veterinary
• Universities (Nano Sciences & Electronics)