Cleanroom Solutions

Micronclean has for the past 35 years positioned itself to become the preferred specialist supplier of cleanroom products and services.

Cleanroom sterile clothing

Reusable Laundered Cleanroom Clothing

The Micronclean ISO 14644 Class 4 (Grade B) facility at Skegness offers a cleanroom laundry service that meets all of our customers needs and requirements.


Reusable Cleanroom Mops and Goggles

Fully compatible with Annex 1 our reusable Goggle and Mop systems offer an environmentally friendly and economic solution that allows you to remain fully compliant.

Sterile Syringe Pack

Sterile Packs

Micronclean offer a comprehensive range of sterile packs. 100% quality checked and packed in our new Class6 MicronDevices cleanroom in Skegness, UK.

Alcohol Trigger Spray

Cleanroom Alcohol

Our IPA and IMS product ranges are available in a range of forms including: Trigger Sprays, 5L RFU Containers, Pre-Saturated Mops and Wipes


Cleanroom Disinfectants

Micronclean offer two disinfectants, that should be used rotationally, in a variety of easy to use forms to suit your needs including: Trigger Sprays, 5L RFU Containers, Unit Doses, Pre-Saturated Mops and Wipes

Delta Neutral Detergent Trigger Spray

Cleanroom Neutral Detergent

Delta is a neutral detergent which has been developed for use within cleanrooms alongside our existing rotational disinfectants Alpha and Beta. Available in a range of product forms including: Trigger Sprays and 5L RFU Containers


Cleanroom DI Water

Our DI water is currently only available in 5L RFU Containers.


Disposable Cleanroom Mop System

Micronclean's PureGuard mopping system presents a microfibre disposable system for small to large scale cleanrooms.


Dry Wipes

Micronclean's range of dry wipes offers an innovative and quality approach to contamination control within all cleanroom environments.



Micronclean offers a full range of sterile and non-sterile cleanroom glove in a range of materials including; polychloroprene, latex, nitrile, neoprene and vinyl.

Disposable coverall

Disposable Clothing

Micronclean's SureGuard range protects operators within all cleanroom environments whilst performing to the highest standards.


Cleanroom Footwear

Micronclean offers a full range of protective footwear for use within all cleanroom environments.


Access Mats

Our access mats are available in a range of colours and sizes with the option of either low or medium tack adhesive surfaces.