Cleanroom Laundered Reusable Mops

The heart of both of the Micronclean systems are the pre-saturated microfibe mops which are optimally dosed to give up to 20m² coverage before being processed through our ISO Class4 Cleanroom laundry. The microfibre mops incorporate extremely low linting ‘endless fibre’ technology which is suitable for repeated sterilisation by gamma irradiation. In addition, each mop is individually barcoded to give absolute individual traceability through our state-of-the-art ISO Class 4 cleanroom laundry using our unique ProTrack System.

Our state-of-the-art ISO Class 4 cleanroom laundry processes all the used microfibre mops using a dedicated specialised mop laundry cycle.

The Micronclean system of pre-saturated mops is fully GMP compliant in that it supports the routine cleaning of the floor using Delta neutral detergent before the application of a rotational disinfection schedule incorporating Alpha and Beta disinfectants.