WhiteGuard 11 Polyester Dual Layer Wipes Sterile

Product Code: MHPELN50S (Sterile)


  • Low linting wipe 
  • Laser sealed edges to prevent linting 
  • Dual layer 100% continuous filament polyester 
  • Medium levels of absorbency 
  • Hard surface dry wipe 
  • Aqueous processing to ISO-14644 Class 4 EU GMP grade B


WhiteGuard11 Sterile Dual Layer Data Sheet


  • For use up to and including ISO Class 4 GMP grade A
  • Semiconductor cleanrooms 
  • Pharmaceutical cleanrooms 
  • Aerospace cleanrooms 
  • Medical device cleanrooms 


  • Dual Layer 100% continuous filament polyester 
  • Laser sealed edges to prevent linting 
  • 100% continuous filament nylon/polyester wipe 
  • 2 years shelf life 
  • Tested to ASTM-D-629


Product Code Description Size Pack Qty Case Qty
MHPELN50S Polyester Dual Layer Non-folded Wipes Sterile 300x300mm 50 4 x 50