VeriGuard 15 Polyester IPA/WFI Wipe

Product Code: WNVG06030(Non Sterile) / WSVG06030(Sterile)


  • Increased alcohol retention from re-sealable pouch 
  • Designed for small to medium batch manufacturing 
  • Thermally sealed edges 
  • Strong multifunctional wipe 
  • Blended with water for injection (WFI)


  • Cleanroom hard surface wipe 
  • Use in Isolators / Laminar flow cabinets


  • 100% continuous filament polyester wipe 
  • 15 wipes per pouch 
  • 30 pouches per case 
  • 120gsm wipe weight 
  • V-folded wipes within a re-sealable pouch 
  • 2 years shelf life 


IPA Product Options

  • 500ml trigger spray 
  • 950ml trigger spray
  • 5L RFU 
  • Pre-saturated wipes 


VeriGuard15 IPA 300mm x 300mm (Sterile) WSVG06030  
VeriGuard15 IPA 300mm x 300mm (Non Sterile) WNVG06030