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Undergarment Cleanroom Sock

Undergarment Cleanroom Sock

Product & Service Features

The Micronclean Reusable Sock service is tailored to your needs and is;

  • Designed specifically for the cleanroom environment.
  • Fully compliant with the requirements detailed in EU GMP Annex 1.
  • Able to offer a major reduction in waste going to landfill compared with single-use disposable socks.
  • Fully RFID tagged so that it is compatible with our Protrack garment tracking system. 


The socks are also;

  • Logo’d to support a simple visual check that shows if the correct socks are being worn.
  •  'Foot' shaped to give increased wearer comfort.
  • Available in three sizes to enhance long term wearer comfort. For easy identification each size is colour coded.
  • Made from 100% synthetic fibre giving;
    • A soft feel.
    • High levels of breathability.
    • Superb moisture wicking.


  • ISO 14644-1:2015 Cleanrooms Class 6 and above
  • GMP Grade A - D Environments 


  • SML  Yellow  (up to size 6)  
  • MED  Red     (size 6 to 10)
  • LGE   Blue    (size 10 to 13)

Std Colour | Protrack Code

  • This colour code is #FFFFFF White | SO5