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Transport Workwear

High VIS Transport Workwear

High-visibility workwear is categorised into different classes based on specific standards and requirements to ensure visibility and safety primarily related to various transport environments.

The current ISO standard for high-visibility clothing is ISO 20471:2013 and splits into three main categories. 

  • ISO Class 1 garments have the least amount of retroreflective material and are suitable for areas with slower-moving traffic or low distractions. 

  • ISO Class 2 workwear is suitable for intermediate-risk situations. Garments in this class offer more retroreflective material and a higher level of visibility than Class 1. 

  • ISO Class 3 is the highest level of visibility. These garments provide maximum visibility and are intended for higher-risk environments.

Please note that for rail environments all garments must conform to the requirements of RIS-3279-TOM.