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On-Site Service

At Micronclean we are committed to providing exceptional customer care. To help you get the best from our product and services we can offer three distinct levels of On-Site Service (OSS) to help with your garment and consumable needs. The three distinct level of OSS (Gold, Silver and Bronze) allow you to select what you need to ensure that you can focus on your core activities.


Bronze Service

At the bronze level a basic lockering service is provided where the duties covered include:

  • Collation of soiled garments from collectors
  • Distribution of clean garments into lockers or dispensers

Silver Service

At the silver level a more managed service is provided as this includes everything in the bronze level but expands to covers:

  • Distribution of consumable products around the site
  • Providing a point of contact between the customer and the BDM for this account
  • Liaison with the BDM to ensure the smooth running of the contract regarding On-site Service. E.g., new starters, leavers, customer issues etc.
  • Undertaking garment surgeries

Gold Service

At the Gold level a fully managed OSS is provided to the customer with the our employee being the face of the Micronclean the customer’s site. The level of service provided is everything in the silver level with the following additions:

  • Measuring staff for new garments
  • Providing a first point of contact for the customer, their employees and the BDM to ensure the customers’ needs are met promptly
  • Stock management and distribution of consumables stock
  • Responsibility for liaising with the customer to ensure the wearer list is updated monthly

Download the full On-Site Service and Vendor Management Flyer here.