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All the garments processed in our Louth, Grantham and Skegness laundries are tracked using our in-house developed Protrack system. This garment tracking software underpins our unique garment offering, with the fundamental difference between Protrack and most other laundry systems being that Protrack manages the individual garment and delivers a high level of traceability whereas most other systems treat individual items as part of a pool.

Garments processed at our plants in both Louth and Grantham are tracked automatically using RFID tags whereas garments that are processed through the ISO Class 4 laundry at Skegness use bar codes and scanners to ensure the same level of traceability as the Gamma irradiation step on sterile garments disrupts the RFID chip. 

This means that we track your individual garments through all the process stages including checking in, inspection, repair, wash process, drying, folding, bagging (if required), sorting and dispatch. In addition, this level of detail allows us to routinely generate tailored reports covering number of garments processed, charges, repairs and residual values that are automatically emailed to our customers either weekly or monthly. 

This level of information is made available to all customers through our new Garment Portal so that you can see in real time the status of all your garments.