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Sales and Service

At Micronclean, we are always committed to providing exceptional customer service and aftercare. By understanding your changing needs and requirements, we commit ourselves to drive improved customer satisfaction, proposing unbiased solutions that create quality and efficiency for you. Full details are given within the customer service charter which can be downloaded directly from our website.

Each one of our regionally focused Business Development Managers (BDM) is supported by a dedicated customer service coordinator within the customer service team based in Skegness. Each coordinator is assigned around four BDMs to whom they act as the first line of contact for any queries from their respective customers. This ensures that you have consistency of service and access to a named person who can help with any queries.

In all cases the person you are dealing with is fully trained in all aspects of our product and service offering so that they can fully understand your needs acting swiftly and decisively to ensure you receive the best service possible.

In addition, within the office-based teams there is built in general support alongside acknowledged product experts who are always on hand to help. If we are unable to resolve the query then we will use a structured escalation process in order to gather the relevant answers and develop a solution.