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Micronclean operate two separate warehouses in Skegness. The Textile Stores is where we receive garments from the manufacturers, check them for conformity and undertake the labelling operations before registering the garment on Protrack so that it is ready for immediate use after its first wash.

The Consumables Warehouse is a dedicated facility hold over £3m worth of stock and is used to service our worldwide cleanroom consumables business. Fully computerised and using the latest handheld technology the warehouse control good inwards prior to them being used in our manufacturing facilities alongside storage of finished goods awaiting dispatch to over 36 countries worldwide. The Consumables Warehouse was recently extended and routinely holds over £3m of stock which ensures that we offer a good service to all our customers.

Both facilities are fully managed and staffed by Micronclean and are covered by our ISO 9001 quality accreditation.