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Class 5 Cleanroom Bangalore

Micronclean India has established a state-of-the art cleanroom laundry in Bangalore. The plant is a first in India in that it has been specifically designed to process and deliver high quality, sterile ready for use cleanroom garments to support the Indian Pharma/Biotech industry across Southern India.

The key features of the Bangalore facility are:

  • Designed from the outset to incorporate world best practices to ensure compliance with cGMP.
  • Supplies the garments in a sterile ready to wear condition for immediate use.
  • Positioned to support the growing Southern India pharmaceutical industry.
  • Built by Micronclean, a family-owned UK company with over 40 years' experience in the provision of contamination control garments.

Micronclean India is offering a market-leading cleanroom garment rental and laundry service. The service incorporates world best practice in terms of:

  • Cleanroom garments manufactured from advanced imported cleanroom fabrics and with optimised garment designs, maximising barrier performance, durability and wearer comfort
  • A modern GMP Grade B cleanroom laundry with barrier washing machines, cleanroom dryers and steam sterilisers.
  • All processes are validated to achieve assurance of quality. 
  • Packaged, sterilised garments have a validated shelf-life. The garment batch number and expiry date are clearly marked on each pack.

The plant itself also incorporates world best practice in that it features:

  • Built in redundancy with respect to major plant systems such as steam and electricity generation to ensure that our plant can always operate in a consistent manner without disruption to our customer deliveries. 
  • Dual PLC control (hot standby) of all processing equipment to ensure absolute data integrity, ensuring that we can have full parametric batch release using the SCADA data.
  • Validated microbiological control through our own On-Site Laboratory to ensure the consistency and quality of our ongoing operations.
  • Rainwater harvesting coupled with a zero liquid discharge water treatment plant ensure that we have reduced our requirement for clean process water to an absolute minimum, reducing our environmental footprint with respect to an increasingly scarce resource.