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Garment Contract Types

Micronclean Garment Services

At Micronclean we firmly believe in changing the markets we serve and as such we have designed, developed and deployed a world class customer portal. This allows you to clearly see all your garment information in one place including overall usage data and individual garment histories alongside financial data such as invoices. 
The customer portal coupled with our garment processing technology, unrivalled customer service and our range of garment contracts detailed below puts you in charge of your garments. 

Types of Garment Contract

The following contract type explanations are not exhaustive but your Micronclean Business / Account Development Manager (BDM/ADM) will work alongside you to deliver the best contract options. In many cases a one size fits all option does not work and we have the option to offer several contract types over a single customer site to ensure that you have the optimum solution for your needs.

  • Full Rental - Stable workforce
  • Split Rental - Workforce with seasonal peaks. People who visit the shop floor occasionally. 
  • Process Only - Only applicable when you own your own workwear.

Other Charging Options

  • Shelf Rental - To help manage garment usage during fluctuating periods over the contract term.
  • Direct Sale - Sporadic Usage.