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Workwear Grantham

At Micronclean we understand how important it is that garments remain compliant and safe to use. The laundry at Grantham has been developed over the years to become a dedicated PPE processing plant and is capable of processing over 40,000 garments a week.

Our customers place their soiled garments into a garment collector located on their site. These garments are then transferred into webknot bags and placed into cages on a Micronclean vehicle. These webknot bags are then transferred to the Micronclean plant where they are scanned using a transponder. This logs the garment onto the site, opens its processing record and enters it onto a delivery schedule. 

All areas of the garment are comprehensively inspected for damage, signs of wear, surface stains and foreign objects. A key part of the Grantham operations is the ability to repair garments using compatible material and thread so that the garments retain their PPE characteristics.

The garments are sorted into wash loads based on colour, fabric type and soiling classification and then stored onto an overhead mono-rail. This mono-rail receives a ready to load signal and the soiled garments are then dropped into the industrial washing machine ready to be processed. 

The Grantham plant uses Micronclean’s validated wash programs, including appropriate levels of detergent, water and heat, to ensure that all the garments are clean before being unloaded into the clean area. Garments are hung on coat hangers and placed onto a rail system, which conveys the garment to a ‘Tunnel Finisher’ dryer. 

The garments are then passed through quality inspection stations where they are assessed. Any items identified as non-conforming are logged and sent to the relevant area for rework. Items that are fit for purpose and conform to the customers standards are sent to semi-automatic folding machines and are packed as per the customers requirements.
Sorted garment packs are then placed in laundry hampers which are labelled with the customer’s details, the delivery details and any specific comments. Hampers are sorted in the overhead storage system before being transferred to the goods-out loading bay ready for despatch back to the customer's site.

As with all Micronclean’s plants you need not worry about the location of your garments as a full garment history is recorded on our ProTrack System.