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An Introduction to Cleanroom Solutions

An Introduction to Cleanroom Solutions BlogCleanroomPPE/TextilesIndia04.07.2023

Micronclean are the leaders in cleanroom laundry, allowing the Cleanroom Solutions Team to also promote supporting services such as medical devices, cleanroom consumables and our innovative mopping system.

The Cleanroom Solutions Team have national coverage with our distribution fleet and hubs, and likewise support with localised Business Development Managers who are all trained specifically for our Cleanroom offering. Having this infrastructure allows us to better reach the UK at a lower cost with higher capacity:

2 Cleanroom processing plants Skegness / Louth
5 Distribution Centres Perth / Sunderland / Manchester / Letchworth / Bristol
2 Manufacturing cleanrooms Roman Bank and Holly Road (Skegness, Lincolnshire)
A dedicated fleet of 30 vehicles Vehicle tracking for real time delivery information
Onsite Service Always have a Micronclean employee at hand

As a family owned business, we are passionate about the reduction of plastic across the company and continue to look at ways we can improve this further. We are also committed to helping our customers reach their plastic reduction goals, therefore the team offer the only Reusable Sterile Cleanroom Goggle in the UK, that is decontaminated using a GMP Grade B barrier washing facility. This is in addition to our Pre-Saturated Reusable mops, both of which products are patented to Micronclean Ltd. In addition to our passion to be environmentally conscious, we are also committed to investing in new cleanrooms and facilities to improve the markets we serve.

All cleanroom coveralls are designed with comfort in mind, made from non-shedding 100% Monofilament Polyester Construction and are suitable for use in ISO 14644-1:2015 Cleanrooms Class 6 and above. The interwoven carbon grid within the material make them suitable for use in anti-static controlled environments. In addition to this our consumable offering covers all aspects of GMP cleanroom cleaning and compliments our mopping.

There are a number of certifications we have that distinguish, enhance and give credibility to our operations. These include:

ISO 9001 Internationally recognised standard for certified quality management systems.
ISO 14001 Internationally recognised standard for certified environmental management systems.
ISO 13485 Internationally standard for quality management systems associated with the manufacture of medical devices.
ISO 50001 Internationally standard for certified energy management systems
ISO 14065 Internationally standard covering Risk Analysis and Biocontamination Control (RABC) that ensures a level of microbiological quality based on the use of the garment

As one of the largest providers of cleanroom clothing, we are able to offer competitive levels of stock availability and order lead times. This also helps us to offer the fairest contracts/cancellation terms in the market, ensuring that they are flexible and meet the needs of our customers

Micronclean also have a dedicated Research and Development team alongside Product Managers looking for innovative solutions for our customers.

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