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Big Blue Blog - Contamination Control Flooring

Big Blue Blog - Contamination Control Flooring BlogCleanroom03.02.2023

Contamination control flooring and mats are used to remove contamination from footwear and wheels at the entrance to critical areas.

In this way they aid the cleaning process but themselves must be cleaned as part of the cleaning schedule.

Contamination control flooring is manufactured from polyester compounds with a high coefficient of friction. This acts to physically remove and trap particles and fibres carried on materials with which it comes into contact, normally the soles of footwear and the wheels of trolleys. The material does not therefore transfer adhesive substances to the contacted surfaces. It can be used as mats or as covering for the whole floor and can also incorporate anti-static or anti-microbial compounds.

The flooring is cleaned using a cleanroom detergent and mopping system and the frequency of cleaning will be determined by the cleaning plan.

Contamination control mats (often called “tacky mats”) consist of layers of plastic sheet coated with an adhesive. The adhesive pulls particulate and fibre from footwear and wheels contacting the mat.

Tacky mats are held in place by an adhesive backing or by a floor mounted frame.

When the top sheet is contaminated it is removed by pulling the edges into the centre so trapping the contamination and exposing a clean sheet, the removed sheet is then discarded. The individual sheets are often numbered to give an indication of use and frequency of changing is set by the cleanroom cleaning plan.