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Cleanroom Solutions - CleanGuard and Micronclean Assembly

Cleanroom Solutions - CleanGuard and Micronclean Assembly BlogCleanroomPPE/Textiles18.07.2023

Micronclean's product range CleanGuard are a core suite of contamination control solutions for cleanroom environments, specifically engineered to meet the stringent requirements of industries such as pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotechnology, where maintaining a contamination-free environment is absolutely critical.

CleanGuard encompasses a range of liquids that form a complete cleaning regimen, from DI water and alcohol based solutions of IPA and IMS, to our Alpha and Beta rotational disinfectants that partner our Delta neutral cleaning detergent, the combination of which satisfies GMP Annex 1. The CleanGuard range comes in various forms, from 500ml and 950ml trigger sprays to 5 litre RFU containers, and by extension is available across our other product ranges such as VeriGuard wipes and PureGuard mopping system.

Micronclean Assembly building signage

One of the bigger developments from Micronclean this year is the commissioning of Micronclean Assembly, our new GMP Grade B manufacturing production facility for our cleanroom consumable products, which is planned to come online in the coming months. This facility will augment our warehousing of stock, enabling us to increase capacity ensuring a continued and consistent supply for our customers and distributers worldwide.