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Cleanroom Solutions - Meet the Team

Cleanroom Solutions - Meet the Team BlogCleanroom11.07.2023

Get to know our sales and service team members from the Cleanroom Solutions department.

J. Steinlet Roundlet Jenny Stienlet
UK Cleanroom Sales Manager

During my 9 years working within the Cleanroom Industry, I work closely with Micronclean’s Cleanroom Solutions Team and our UK Customers to support and advise on the best products and services to suit the customer needs. Within a developing and innovative market Micronclean have been able to deliver robust and market leading products and solutions to achieve the best results possible within Cleanroom environments. I believe in quality and value for money, understanding our customers’ needs is crucial to a successful business partnership.

Working with a diverse and knowledgeable team across the UK, I am passionate about personal development and strive to build a devoted and informed team with a common goal, working towards Micronclean's Vision 2027.

S. Bullock Roundlet Sally Bullock
Business Development Manager

I have been with Micronclean for coming up to 16 years. What I love about my job is helping my customers and understanding their needs by offering the right solutions for them. They may be experiencing some challenging times and I want to be able to offer cost effective solutions and products that will help take the worries away from them.

Micronclean is a very innovative business and our passion is to change the shape of the markets we serve to create quality and efficiency to our customers. I always have my customers in mind with everything I do and want to get it right first time.

I am passionate about making sure I do a great job for my customers and the business.

S. Simpson Roundlet Shirley Simpson
Business Development Manager

Shirley has worked for Micronclean 8 years, 3 years in her current role, she previously worked for Micronclean as a Cleanroom Solutions Sales Coordinator and this has given her a vast knowledge of our consumable products.

"I am very proud to work for Micronclean, I want everyone to benefit from the top class products and services we offer, the innovation and research that is put into every aspect of Micronclean ensures it is always growing and offering customers the greatest of products."

"I'm also passionate about Micronclean and committed to growing our customer base so more companies benefit from what Micronclean offers, which really is a one stop shop for Cleanrooms."

"It brings me a sense of fulfilment in being able to work with a number of the world leading companies and I feel our products and service make an impact of innovation in many leading fields of science, aerospace, pharma and healthcare."

M. Podmore Roundlet Melissa Podmore
Business Development Manager

Melissa has worked for Micronclean for 18 years, 6 of which are in her current role as a Business Development Manager.

"What I love about my role is forging strong relationships with my customers so I can better understand their needs and requirements and always offer the best solutions to them. I strive to deliver 100% quality and service, and will use the knowledge I have gained through the different roles and years at Micronclean to reach this. I am focused and proud to be a part of the Cleanroom Solutions team ensuring I do a great job for my customers and Micronclean."

S. Morrison Roundlet Stephanie Morrison
Business Development Manager

I create a really good relationship with my customers and I believe this helps me to earn their trust and respect. This also develops my accounts to ensure we provide an efficient service that works for them, and they know we can provide varied products to make their life easier. We are passionate about innovation in the cleanroom and Pharma industry and want to work with our customers to offer them the best innovative products and quality service.

I have 16 years experience at Micronclean, working in the customer service office, and in sales roles with both the technical and cleanroom customers. Having additional knowledge in these areas helps answer queries not only with customers, but with my colleagues too.

C. Novak Roundlet Charlotte Novak
Business Development Manager

I joined Micronclean in early 2022 and I am enjoying every minute of it. I have worked in a variety of industries throughout my career of sales and business development, which enables me to build good rapport with people and have engaging conversation with the knowledge I have picked up along the way. I enjoy a challenge, keeping busy and problem solving, and I am confident and passionate when it comes to my work and I believe it's best to be open and honest to create great relationships with colleagues and customers for the long term.

I am based in the South West and what I love most about my job is meeting new people in a variety of different industries; Pharma, AI, Space, Robotics and Tech to name a few, it's so exciting and interesting. I really enjoy finding out what customers create in their cleanrooms and seeing how we can help. Also with living in Devon means I can spend my spare time in around the picturesque seaside and in the countryside walking my dogs, I might be a little dog mad!

H. Howells Roundlet Hayley Howells
Business Development Manager

With over 20 years of experience in this field, I have developed a deep passion for building relationships with clients. I have a genuine enjoyment of the diversity that comes with this role. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities to meet individuals from various industries, allowing me to expand my knowledge and adapt my approach to suit their specific needs.

A. Khan Roundlet Amir Khan
Business Development Manager

I joined Micronclean in early 2023 and it has been exceptionally rewarding thus far. Everybody at Micronclean has been very helpful and understanding. I have previously worked in the medical sales field; particularly working with paediatrics and neonates when undergoing gastrostomies and jejunostomies to ensure primary placement in theatre. This experience in a high-pressure environment has enabled me to provide innovative solutions; many of which have been life-saving.

I regularly pursue physical activities including tennis and football; the latter I play semi-professionally. Being fit, both physically and mentally helps me to stay focused and to accomplish the challenges I set myself. In my spare time I also very much enjoy theology and philosophy, in particular the works of Al-Ghazali, Marcus Aurelius and Socrates.

I'm sure I will be faced with many challenges here at Micronclean, however with my personal philosophy of continuous learning coupled with the aid of my team; I welcome them with open arms!

E. Asamoah Roundlet Elizabeth Asamoah
Cleanroom Solutions Sales Co-ordinator

My role at Micronclean is as a sales coordinator with the primary responsibility of bringing quality sales leads into the business. The sales process begins with researching, contacting, and qualifying new and existing prospects which is then followed up either in person or via a Teams appointment to convert leads into active customers.

In just five months of working with Micronclean, I am thankful for being a part of the sales team due to the friendly and supportive culture of everyone.

A. Sclater Roundlet Annabelle Sclater
Cleanroom Solutions Sales Co-ordinator

Annabelle Joined the sales team in June after finishing university, she first started working with the business in 2021 as a marketing placement student and progressed into a full time role within the sales team after working part time.

"I enjoy supporting the account managers and our customers where possible and driving new business for Micronclean, we get to speak with all different types of interesting prospects within the cleanroom industry."