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Industrial and PPE Garments - Process Flow

Industrial and PPE Garments - Process Flow BlogPPE/Textiles09.08.2022

At Micronclean we understand how important it is that garments remain compliant and safe to use. That is why we have a carefully considered process and a dedicated plant for PPE and industrial workwear.

Industrial and PPE Garments Process Flow 1: Wearers put used garments into the soiled garment collector. 2: Used garments are transferred into webknot bags. 3: Webknot bags are placed into cages on the vehicle. 4: Webknot bags are driven back and transferred to Micronclean plant where they are put into storage. 5: This logs the garment onto the site, opens its Processing record and enters it onto a delivery schedule. 6: This logs the garment onto the site and enters it onto a delivery routing schedule. 7: All areas of the garments are comprehensively inspected for damage, signs of wear, surface stains and foreign objects. 8: The garments are sorted into wash loads based on colour, fabric type and soiling classification and then stored on an overhead mono-rail. 9: The mono-rail receives a ready to load signal and the soiled garments are dropped into the industrial washing machine ready to be processed. 10: The washing process is started and controls the appropriate level of detergent, water and heat. 11: Garments are unloaded into the clean area. 12: Garments are hung on coat hangers and placed onto a rail system. 13: The rail system conveys the garment to a 'Tunnel Finisher' dryer. 14: The garments are then
passed through quality inspection stations where they are assessed. Any items identified as non-conforming are logged and sent to the relevant area for rework. 15: Items that are fit for purpose and conform to the customers standards are sent to semi-automatic folding machines and are packed as per the customers requirements. 16: Sorted garment packs are then placed in laundry hampers which are labelled with the customer’s details, the delivery details and any specific comments. 17: Hampers are sorted in the overhead storage system before being transferred to the goods-out loading bay ready for despatch. 18: All hampers are tracked and managed using Micronclean's own Protrack software. 19: The consignment is then packed into the delivery vehicle ready for despatch. Micronclean - Quality Today, Innovation Tomorrow