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Introducing MicronDevices

Introducing MicronDevices BlogCleanroom10.01.2023

Micronclean offer a comprehensive range of sterile pharmacy packs, 100% quality checked and packed in our Class 6 MicronDevices cleanroom.

Micronclean are proud to be the leading UK provider of packs of sterile syringes and compounding equipment used in pharmacies.


Micronclean are registered to BS EN ISO 13485:2016 which covers every aspect of sourcing, manufacturing, sterilisation and distribution of the MicronDevices range. Additionally, Micronclean hold EU MDR and UKCA certificates and apply the CE and CA marks to all medical device packs.

Traceability and Sterilisation

Full batch traceability and product certification is standard. As each pouch of products has a single batch number (traceable to all the subcomponent batch numbers) the work of the pharmacy technician in transcribing information is significantly reduced as is the potential for error. Sterilisation is by a fully validated gamma irradiation process. The product is supplied with a consolidated certificate of conformity.


The syringe and component packs are supplied in transparent, easy-tear, quad laminate pouches which are VHP and alcohol impermeable, making them suitable for most transfer processes. In addition, the syringes are all supplied with a 'tip protector' to protect the critical tip during storage and transit.

The syringe packs are double or triple bagged to ensure an easy and rapid transfer process.

Ordering and Delivery

Easy order placement and stock holding is managed by Micronclean’s powerful stock inventory software. Stocking and delivery is direct from Micronclean’s state-of-the-art storage facilities and own fleet of delivery vehicles enabling us to deliver right to the point of requirement.

Custom Packs

Micronclean are happy to discuss any requirements you may have for custom made packs.

What's New?

Micronclean offer a 'pack and irradiate' service where customers' consumable items are packed in our Class 6 cleanroom, irradiated and returned.

For more information and to view our MicronDevices range, click here.

To submit an enquiry, contact or call 01754 767377.