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Introducing the QSHE Department

Introducing the QSHE Department BlogCleanroomPPE/Textiles01.08.2023

"What is QSHE?" is often the first question I get from our stakeholders.

Many assume that QSHE stands for the Quality function, which is what we are most well-known for. However, QSHE actually stands for Quality, Safety, Health, and Environment, along with Product Regulation and Regulations for those three fundamental areas. When I explain this, there is an acknowledgment of the extensive scope we cover.

As the technical support function for the business, QSHE provides governance and oversight by setting the standards and ensuring they are achieved, while working collaboratively with everyone. Despite being a small department, we strive to balance changing demands and long-term objectives, which is no easy task. Our days are often exciting as we encounter various challenges like safety issues, quality audits, environmental opportunities, or regulatory changes. No two days are quite the same!

The team consists of technical experts with cross-skills but each specialising in a specific function. This enables us to support each other and provide expert assistance to customers. We take pride in leading the governance of our management systems, such as ISO 14001, ISO 50001, and ISO 9001, along with our EN14065 and GMP, which places us at the heart of continuous improvement every day.

Furthermore, we are home to Microngreen, our environment and sustainability strategy, which sets the direction for our environmental future. This means we get to support exciting projects, such as the development of environmentally friendly products or ensuring compliance with the latest energy standards.

QSHE has a significant impact on all areas of the business. We strive to support our people, customers, suppliers, and communities while protecting the environment, putting them at the core of our operation and laying the foundations for success.

S. Harris oval portrait
Sophie Harris

QSHE Associate Director