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Marketing - Meet the Team

Marketing - Meet the Team BlogPPETextilesCleanroom13.06.2023

Get to know our staff members a little better. This blog focuses on the marketing team who work across the entire company.

M. Webb Roundlet Mike Webb
Marketing Manager

When Mike first started working for Micronclean he was the sole member of the marketing department. However, the team has had to keep up with the demands that have been placed on it.

Currently Mike is focusing on developing the marketing team alongside supporting Micronclean's Cleanroom Laundry offering in India.

Mike's technical background working with civil nuclear reactors and in steel manufacturing sites such as British Steel, allows him to grasp some of the technical details behind our processing, alongside first-hand experience of using some of the products/service we provide.

C. Salgueiro Roundlet Cristiana Salgueiro
Senior Graphic Designer

Cristiana joined the Marketing team 6 years ago, when there was only Mike as a solo member. Since then, she has collected a wide range of projects, from branding, labels and packaging to video animation and 3D modelling.

Cristiana describes herself as a creative soul trapped in an ordinary body. Passionate about the power of design to shape the way we interact with the world around us. She can't imagine what the world would be like without graphic design... boring certainly.

T. Pears Roundlet Terry Pears
Marketing Assistant

Terry joined the Micronclean family over a year ago, brought on-board to fulfil an e-media role in implementing our digital strategy. Terry covers the social media & blog output, SEO and analysis for Micronclean's digital output, E-mail shots and a variety of different projects that keep things interesting.

With a background in full stack web development, agency design and print media, he brings a mix of skills to the department, let alone always handing out snacks and drinking lots of green tea and black coffee, albeit the decaf variety in order to moderate the caffeine intake.

J. Norkevičiūtė Roundlet Jolita Norkevičiūtė
Marketing Assistant

Jolita has been with Micronclean for just over 4 years. She started her career working part of the on-site service team at one of Micronclean customer sites.

As part of the company policy of promoting talent from within Jolita made the HR Team aware of her skills and desire to progress within the company. As a result, Jolita has been working with the Marketing Department since August 2022 initially as a market researcher. In this role she draws on her International Economics Degree and strong analytical skills to work with data and draw meaningful conclusions from them.

Jolita is always keen to learn new skills to become more valuable to the company and has been developing skills with Adobe Creative Suite to create and update product specifications and then load them to website using the content management system.

S. Tuplin Roundlet Sian Tuplin
Marketing Assistant

Sian, a recent addition to our Marketing team, has already proven to be an invaluable asset. After starting as a Marketing Intern, Sian has now embraced the opportunity to become a permanent member of an inspiring and supportive team. She focuses mainly on planning and leading events after recently graduating from university with a degree in Events Management while gradually assuming design tasks. Not only does she execute her assigned responsibilities flawlessly, but she also brings a contagious positivity to the workplace, always sporting a warm smile. Working with Sian is a delight, as her presence uplifts the spirits of everyone around her.

It is widely known that Sian has a profound affection for food, as she replenishes her snack drawer on a daily basis.