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Micronclean announce custom manufactured sterile packs

Micronclean announce custom manufactured sterile packs NewsCleanroom19.06.2019

Micronclean add optional custom packs to their MicronDevices sterile packs range.

Custom Packs

Micronclean will work with you to develop a custom pack to meet your needs. Micronclean provide a range of pharmacy compounding components with compatible luer lock fittings, including:

  • Syringes in seven sizes
  • Dispensing pins (spikes)
  • Drawing up needles
  • Fluid connectors
  • Filter needles
  • Pens
  • Labels
  • Waste bags
  • Light inhibiting bags


All packs available either double or triple bagged.


Pack and Irradiate Service

Micronclean now offer a ‘pack and irradiate’ service which has several benefits:

• Items prepped and packed in a validated ISO class 6 / EU GMP grade C cleanroom;

• Validated packaging either double or triple bagged;

• Validated gamma irradiation process;

• Micronclean’s extensive logistics network used for optimum irradiation turnaround;

• Optional bioburden assessment of packs.


If you have a requirement, please contact Micronclean’s Medical Device Technical Specialist Philip Borrington to discuss: Tel: 01754 767377 or email: