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Microngreen Wins First Award for Clean Energy

Microngreen Wins First Award for Clean Energy BlogCleanroomSustainabilityMicronGreen28.02.2024

Our Environmental and Sustainability Strategy sets Micronclean’s ambition to be ‘the most sustainable specialist textile and cleanroom consumable business on the planet' under the three central pillars: Our Climate, Creating our Circular Economy and Our People and Communities.

Our Climate focusses on our pathway to net zero through the introduction of renewable technologies and the removal of fossil fuel-based assets. In 2023 we set a 5% target to reduce to our carbon emissions and we delivered significant results exceeding the target by more than double.

At the start of 2023 two electric vans were introduced to the business. This was to explore the technology and see where they would be most effective across the portfolio.

We then signed a REGO, OFGEM accredited energy contract. The result being at a slightly additional cost, the company now only uses energy generated from hydro, solar and wind. This immediately created a zero-carbon emissions impact to all our electricity costs and a 20% reduction in our production carbon emissions.

At our Louth Factory we then installed solar panels to secure and generate our own energy. 478 solar panels were successfully installed and went live in August 2023.

Finally, we created a carbon reduction plan to commit to our journey to net zero in goal set for 2045. We also set an ambitious target to reduce our scope 1 and 2 emissions by 50% by the end of 2027.

For these achievements we won the 2023 Lincolnshire Business Award for Clean Energy. We are looking forward to continuing to deliver carbon reductions in 2024.

S. Harris oval portrait
Sophie Harris

QSHE Associate Director