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More Than Just a Marketer

More Than Just a Marketer BlogPPETextilesCleanroom26.04.2022

Marketing can be defined simply as "a job that involves encouraging people to buy a product or service" and whilst that may be true for marketing tasks, can the same be said for a Marketer?

So what does it take to be an effective marketer?

Is it the ability to make something look appealing?

Is it the ability to encourage people to buy from you?

Is it the ability to create captivating advertising?

The answer to all these questions is yes, but is raises a bigger question: 

Can you be more than just a marketer? 

Since starting my role within the marketing department nearly 3 and a half years ago, the opportunities to grow and develop within the business have been unlimited. The sense of community and cross-functional working opens possibilities to contribute to all aspects of the business in a meaningful way. I am a member of many teams within the business, some less related to marketing than others, each one giving me a greater understanding of what Micronclean has to offer to its customers.

Creativity Support Group (CSG)

The CSG functions as a support group for the entire business, facilitating creativity sessions that ultimately generate ideas and solutions for new products, processes, projects and much more.

The team is ever-expanding across the business to build on the culture of creativity and drive innovation into everything we do at Micronclean.

Sales Focus Groups

Sitting on panels within sales focus groups helps to understand the current landscape of the business, the overall goals and aspirations of the company and more importantly, specific targets of each department/area. Being the single marketing representative in many of these groups not only means the focus group has access to our expertise, but it also builds strong, direct connections and understanding that are vital to achieving strategic goals.

Many other teams within Micronclean feature the wonderfully talented and knowledgeable people who work here including the Future Leaders Internal Training Enterprise (FLITE), the SKIEs Council, our Charity Committee and many more.

Therefore the answer to the question, can you be more than just a marketer is yes!

No matter what role you are in, there will always be an advantage to getting outside your department and taking a genuine interest in those around you. So next time an opportunity arises that sits outside your comfort zone, give it a go – you’ll be surprised by the benefits you reap.



Ryan Ashcroft
Marketing Assistant