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Paint Shop Garments - Process Flow

Paint Shop Garments - Process Flow BlogPPE/Textiles02.08.2022

At Micronclean we use innovative ways to offer top quality services to our customers. A great example of this is our process flow for collecting, washing and returning paint shop garments using our ISO Class 6 cleanroom.

Paint Shop Garments Process Flow 1: Wearers put used garments into on site freezer. 2: Frozen garments are transferred into laundry hampers. 3: Hampers are placed into freeze cages on the collection vehicle. 4: Hampers are delivered to Micronclean plant where they are transferred into on site freezers. 5: The hampers are briefly removed from the freezers in small batches. 6: Garments are then scanned in individually with the transponder. 7: This logs the garment onto the site, opens its processing record and enters it onto a delivery schedule. 8: Garments are then placed back in the freezers until a washing machine is available to be filled. 9: Garments are transferred into an overhead storage bag in order to weigh them for correct loading. 10: The machine receives a ready to load signal and the soiled garments are dropped into the industrial washing machine, ready to be processed. 11: The washing machine process is started and controls the appropriate level of detergents, water and heat. 12: Garments are transferred into the ISO Class 6 cleanroom, and placed in clean work storage containers until they are ready for the 'finishing' stage. 13: Garments are scanned using the transponders and put onto a specialist hanger attached to a rail system. 14: The rail system conveys the garment to a 'Tunnel Finisher' dryer. 15: Once dried the garments are passed through quality inspection stations where they are assessed. Any items identified as non-conforming are logged and sent to the relevant area for rework. 16: Items that are fit for purpose are sent to automatic folding machines followed by automatic wrapping machines. Completed items are then sent via flatbed conveyors to a transponder reading device. 17: Garments are fixed into a specially designed hanger, which conveys the garment into a large store facility. 18: Items are designated to a specific storage lane according to the scheduled delivery route. 19: An automatic sortation is carried out using a series of computer controlled rails. This enables garments to be placed into delivery areas and sorted into locker number prior to being packed into clean work hampers. 20: The consignment is then packed into the delivery vehicle ready for despatch. Micronclean - Quality Today, Innovation Tomorrow