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PureGuard - How to use the Large Scale Mopping System

PureGuard - How to use the Large Scale Mopping System BlogCleanroom04.10.2022

Discover how to efficiently use the PureGuard large scale mopping system within your cleanroom environment.

Note: the techniques outlined here are the same for both the laundered and disposable mopping systems. The bag in which you place the used mops into depends on whether the mops are laundered (net bag) or disposable (waste bag).

Squeeze the metal frame together. Push the two sides together. Put the mop frame into the mop dispenser on the front of the trolley. Push down onto the mop head so that the two sides of the frame separate towards the end pockets. Push the frame into the pockets. Ensure that the mop frame clicks into place. Mop the floor/walls in accordance with aseptic techniques. A single mop cleans approximately 15m2. Once the mop is used, squeeze the frame as before over the net bag. Avoid touching the mop head. Let the mop fall into net bag. Repeat the process with your next mop.

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