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PureGuard Mopping System - Trolley Set-up

PureGuard Mopping System - Trolley Set-up BlogCleanroom18.10.2022

Discover how to set up the Micronclean cleanroom trolley for use in your cleanroom environment.

Note: when using our mopping system with disposible mops, you will set the trolley up using the same methods. However you will not be required to place the draw string net bag inside the waste bag.

Tray stores trigger sprays and wipes which are also available at Micronclean. Ensure the draw string net bag sits inside the waste plastic bag and that both are pulled over the metal frame. You can tighten the bag over the frame by adjusting the draw string. Remove the outer bag of a sealed mop pack and insert into the dispenser attached to the trolley. Using the cleanroom cutter, open the mop bag. Stretch the bag over the sprung loaded dispenser. Sealed mop pack storage. 3 open wire shelves with a capacity of 60 mops.

For more information about our range of mops, view the Micronclean PureGuard range or contact us on:

T: +44 (0)1754 767377