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An Introduction to Research and Development

An Introduction to Research and Development BlogCleanroomPPE/Textiles07.03.2023

Innovation and Quality are at the core of what Micronclean does, and this all starts with the Research and Development team.

Micronclean has a long history of being first, innovative and forward thinking. In 1981 Micronclean patented the first laundry decontamination system for cleanroom garments, in 1987 Micronclean became the first laundry to obtain ISO 9001, in 1989 Micronclean constructed the first work wear barrier laundry, in 2006 Micronclean constructed the most technologically advanced ISO 6 laundry in Europe, and today Micronclean continues to push the boundaries, to ensure that we deliver the best possible service for our customers.

The Research and Development team is where innovation starts, and we are tasked with assessing new technologies, nurturing the environment conducive to generating new ideas, scoping potential new product ideas, developing new processes and delivering a consistent stream of robust, high quality new products for our customers.

The Research and Development team has a number of Project Leaders who are tasked with guiding new innovative ideas through the New Product Development process to market launch. With multiple projects on the go at once Micronclean is constantly assessing which ideas to concentrate our focus upon.

A hand holding green technology related icons.

Over the past few years Micronclean's Research and Development Department have been working on further expansion of the team, and continuous improvements to their systems. A team of 7 Project Leaders with various technical specialities such as product design, material science and chemistry, ensures Micronclean has the necessary resources to deliver more complex products and services. We are also proud of the recent introduction of the environmental module containing 'Green R&D Tools', which has been a major step towards making our products more sustainable.

Marta U. Roundlet Portrait
Marta Underwood

Research and Development Manager