School Visit to Micronclean - Louth



On the 22nd November 2019, 60 children from Kidgate Primary Academy visited the Louth plant as part of a school project.

The school's project for this term was to look at the invention process and how it starts. They have been looking at the impact if an invention goes right and the impact if it goes wrong and by the end of the project they had to answer the question do inventions help or hinder? During their visit they were split into three groups and one group had a tour of the plant, another group had a talk from Davey (Head of Technical Department) about items that have already been invented and Greg (Assosiate Director) carried out an activity where the children could invent something that would help in the classroom. The group that were with Greg were split into three groups and once they had designed their inventions the children swapped ideas and then each group could further adapt the invention. They then presented their ideas back to the group. During the tour the children wore hair nets, which they found funny and walked around looking at the process of sorting the garments when they arrive at Louth, saw the bags moving along the rails on the ceiling and saw the bags emptying the garments into the washing machine which they found really exciting. They also looked through the window at the Cleanroom and saw the garments being hung and the garments moving around in the Warehouse.

On the 29th November 2019 I received thank you letters from some of the children that had attended the visit and here are some of the comments:


Christina Franks

HR Assistant