Sterile Cleanroom Goggle Service



Micronclean offers the only Reusable Sterile Cleanroom Goggle in the UK that is decontaminated using a GMP Grade B barrier washing process, which itself incorporates a unique anti-fogging agent.

This means that our patent applied for process allows our customers to be fully compliant with GMP Annex 1, which states: “...A sterile face mask and sterile eye coverings (e.g. goggles) should be worn to cover and enclose all facial skin and prevent the shedding of droplets and particulates...”


In terms of design, for ease of use the Micronclean Sterile Cleanroom Goggle includes:

• an adjustable and comfortable elastic strap that is encapsulated in cleanroom barrier fabric.

• a thermoplastic polymer body that has been designed to fit comfortably on the contours of the face and still allows the wearer to use prescription spectacles without issue.

• a large lens which offers superior peripheral visibility and is manufactured from a unique co-polyester which can be gamma irradiated multiple times without discolouration.

• indirect venting of the Cleanroom Goggle has enabled favourable results in anti-fogging tests alongside a new anti-fogging agent that is incorporated in our washing process.

• each Cleanroom Goggle has a unique barcode, which is registered on ProTrack, our tracking software, enabling the entire history of each goggle to be held including process history.

• a major reduction in plastic waste compared to single use disposable Cleanroom Goggle system.


Sterile Cleanroom Goggle Processing

GMP Compliant Practices

Our Cleanroom Goggles processing is based on our existing UK best practice for sterile cleanroom garments and delivers:

 • 100% visual inspection of all Cleanroom Goggles prior to processing.

 • A dedicated wash cycle (patent applied for) which includes the addition of a unique anti-fogging agent.

 • Validated thermal drying cycle.

 • Validated terminal sterilisation by Gamma irradiation.

Within the laundry all the Cleanroom Goggles will be tracked using barcodes in conjunction with our bespoke Protrack software. The unique barcode on each Cleanroom Goggle ensures traceability back to batch validation data captured on our SCADA system and will maintain a complete history as well as delivering both routine and customised usage reports directly to you. In addition, the Cleanroom Goggle labelling shows batch number, irradiation order number and product expiry date as a matter of course.

We also have a POD system that tracks the goggles from our laundry, through our dedicated delivery fleet to your premises minimising the possibility of lost Cleanroom Goggles or missed deliveries.


For more information on our Cleanroom Goggles, click here.