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Technical Solutions - Jorden’s Journey

Technical Solutions - Jorden’s Journey BlogPPETextiles22.03.2022

Where it all started… back in 2011 I joined Micronclean, at age of 18, as a Customer Service Coordinator (back then we were called Customer Care).

After nearly 2 years in Customer Care, I had the opportunity to branch out into the field and become a Support Business Development Manager. At just 20 years old, there was a lot of responsibility with this role and at the time I knew I was wanting to start a family. I made the tough decision to leave Micronclean and start my family. 16 months later, I had a 4-month old little girl when an opportunity arose to work part time in the Customer Services department again. I jumped at the chance to go back to Micronclean as from the moment I left, I missed the place and the people every single day.

I remember my first day back in Customer Services in February 2015 – it was like I had never been gone. I sat at my desk and cracked on with the job. I remember the feeling of content, happiness and security being back. In May 2016, I went on maternity leave to have my second child. February 2017, I was back in the swing of it, a part time working mum, working for a company who were amazing at supporting their employees. Shortly after, I received a promotion to Customer Service Supervisor. Running the Customer Service Office was quite a challenge for me, I wanted to change the dynamics and the way the team worked for the benefit of the company. Whilst being the Customer Service Supervisor, the team (being predominantly textile garment focused) were merged with the Consumable Customer Service Team. This brought big big changes for everyone including cross training, new team members, new personalities, new KPI’s.

Jorden then and now

Throughout my years in Customer Services, I was lucky enough to be able to work in various other Departments – Transport, Production, Stores. This has enhanced both my knowledge around the business and my relationships with different departments. In May 2019 an opportunity came up for an Account Development Manager in the Technical Solutions Team. I felt like I was ready for a new challenge so applied for it and in July I started my new role being commercially responsible for a portfolio of 120 accounts. For me, the knowledge and experience I had built up over the years put me in a great position to be successful within my role. I shared my knowledge, offered solutions to their problems, and offered promises that I knew Micronclean could deliver. Building strong relationships with my customers and providing a reliable, high level of service to my customers is something I always pride myself on. In December 2021 I was promoted to Technical Solutions Service Manager – my new role has allowed me to branch out into the world of leadership and management heading up a team of 3 Business Development Managers. My future at Micronclean is very exciting – Micronclean are an amazing company to work for and they are my second family. I hope to be part of #teammicronclean for many years to come.


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  Jorden Burton

  Account Development Manager