Marketing Department



A marketing department promotes a business, drives sales of its products or services, and shares a clear idea of the enterprises overall mission.

It provides the necessary research to identify and target new potential customers whilst reminding existing customers of its offering and presence within the industry. Micronclean’s marketing department is no different to any other in this sense, however there are also many attributes that separate them from other companies and competitors.

What is the marketing team at Micronclean responsible for?

To give an idea of what a marketing department is often responsible for, we have shared some of the key responsibilities from Micronclean’s Marketing Team:

  • National and International Exhibitions
  • National and International Advertisements
  • Product packaging and labelling
  • Digital strategy (Social Media, etc.)
  • Website design and content
  • Site signage
  • Print (Brochures, Flyers, etc.)
  • Product launches
  • And many, many other exciting projects!

All the projects undertaken are driven by a combination of the overall business strategy, the commercial or internal need and available resource. As for all departments within Micronclean the requests from the business on Marketing will always outstrip the available resource so setting and sticking to the defined priorities is a key task.  

What is different about Micronclean’s marketing department?

Micronclean has a relatively small team consisting of 3 people, the Marketing Manager, Graphic Designer and Marketing Assistant. Each member holds a specific set of skills different to the other, creating a dynamic trio who can take projects from initial ideas all the way to final product with the confidence to say that nothing is impossible.

As the team develops, they ask themselves 3 core questions:

  • What skills do they need (and who has those skills)?
  • How will they organize their team for maximum efficiency and success?
  • What tools and software do they need?

Defining required skillsets such as Project Management, Design, Photography and Social Media help to focus on development needs and ultimately build a team with a variety of skills that are so very important to marketing. Understanding the skills your team has, helps you to organise projects and tasks in an efficient manner, resulting in the best outcomes possible.

Anyone within the marketing department can put together a business case for certain tools or software that they believe will enhance their performance, increase productivity and ultimately produce better outcomes. These cases will then be discussed by the department and analysed in terms of priorities, benefits and potential drawbacks. By including everyone in this process it ensures that Micronclean are always moving with the times and being true to our desire to change the shape of the markets we serve.

Ultimately, there is a lot that goes into marketing a company, and our Marketing Manager is very aware of the reputation marketing departments often receive as being concerned with ‘unicorns and fairies’ and is conscious of why people may think this way. He has a moto you will often hear him say to people, which is “In marketing there is ‘stuff’, and there is ‘fluff’. Let’s make sure we only do the ‘stuff’!”