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What is MicronGreen ?

Microngreen is Microncleans sustainability program which has a single overarching aim in that we want Micronclean to be 'the most sustainable specialist textile and cleanroom consumable business on the planet'

What is Microngreen Built On ?

Our Microngreen sustainability program is built on three pillars which means we will:

  • Work to protect our climate by reducing our carbon emissions.
  • Work to adopt a circular economy for all our products and their packaging.
  • Work with our people and communities to deliver an environment where we can all prosper and develop.

Full details of what these mean to us is detailed within our Microngreen strategy document.

What are Microngreens Initial Targets ?

Achieving our overall aim will require a significant investment over a number of years.  As a result, we have committed to initial targets that will see Micronclean reducing our packaging usage by 5% in 2023 and reducing our direct carbon emission by 50% by 2027. 

To support our direct carbon emissions target we switched to electricity that is generated from 100% renewable sources in April 2023.

How will you Report Progress on Microngreen ?

From 2024 we will produce an annual report for the preceding year that will detail our progress toward our objective. This report will highlight our successes and also the areas that require extra work.