PureGuard 6 Dry Microfibre Mops Sterile

Product Code: MSMD04016 , MSMD01016


  • Microfibre cleaning process 
  • Disposable mop head 
  • Can be dosed on-site


Product Specification PureGuard 6 Dry Microfibre Mops Sterile


  • General cleanroom cleaning 
  • Dry mops can be dosed on-site with alternative cleaning agents
  • System must be validated independently to qualify the appropriate coverage.


  • White microfibre polyester mop head 
  • Spun bonded polypropylene backing 
  • Single mops or 10 packs 
  • 2 year shelf life 


Product Code Description Size

Pack Qty

Case Qty
MSMD04016-A/I Dry Microfibre Mop Single Packed Sterile 44cmx 14cm 1 40 x 1
MSMD01016-A/I Dry Microfibre Mop Packed in 10s Sterile 44cmx 14cm 10 5 x 10