PureGuard 5 Delta Disposable Microfibre Mops Sterile

Product Code: MSMN01016-A/I , MSMD01016-A/I


  • Uniformly dosed to achieve a coverage of 15m2 
  • No need for in cleanroom mixing or dosing 
  • Eliminates the risk associated with exposed chemicals and soiled water 
  • 2 pocket design enables a hands-free and secure connection to the mop frame
  • Proven 2 year shelf life 
  • Available Individually Packed or Multi Packed in 10s.


Product Specification PureGuard 5 Delta Microfibre Mops Sterile

SDS Delta Neutral Detergent


Designed for cleanroom use up to ISO 14644 Class 4, GMP Grade A or B.


Product Code Description Size

Pack Qty

Case Qty
MSMN04016-A/I Delta Individually Packed Disposable Microfibre Mop Sterile  440 mm x 140 mm 1 40 x 1
MSMN01016-A/I Delta Multi Packed Disposable Microfibre Mop Sterile 440 mm x 140 mm 10 5 x 10


Delta SDS (UK/IE)