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BeMicron Original

BeMicron Original

Product Code | BM1


  • A revolutionary design which allows GMP compatible gowning to be achieved in an aseptic fashion.
  • More time in the cleanroom, achieved through significantly reduced gowning times.
  • A one piece coverall that reduces the total number of items that need to be donned and managed.
  • An easily adjusted single size integrated hood that is tailored to fit using pre-existing studs again simplifying ownership and logistics.
  • A significant reduction in plastic packing waste.


  • A design that moves the zip from away the area of highest risk
  • Our existing cleanroom fabric that benefits from ESD properties provides the same performance and process life as our existing coverall.
  • BeMicron garments are also fully compatible with both gamma and autoclave terminal sterilisation methods.


  • Usage
  • ISO 14644-1:2015 Cleanrooms Class 6 and above
  • GMP Grade A - D Environments 
  • Anti-static controlled environments


  • Standard Size Range - SML to 2XL
  • Non-standard Size Range - 3XS to 6XL

Std Colour | Protrack Code

  • This colour code is #9DD4E7 Light Blue

Non Std Colours

  • This colours code is #003759 Navy
  • This colours code is #1A5924 Green
  • This colours code is #9B9C98 Grey
  • This colours code is #FFFFFF White


  • Electrostatic Properties Electrostatic Properties