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Cleanroom Solutions - Delta Detergent and Annex 1

Cleanroom Solutions - Delta Detergent and Annex 1 BlogCleanroom17.05.2022

The new Annex 1 draws a distinction between cleaning and disinfection with a clear statement that for the disinfectant to be effective it must follow a cleaning stage. Delta is a neutral detergent which has been developed for use within cleanrooms alongside our existing rotational disinfectants Alpha and Beta.

Micronclean Delta reusable mop system

Reusable Cleanroom Mops

Fully compatible with Annex 1, our reusable Mop systems offer an environmentally friendly and economic solution that allows you to remain fully compliant.

Click for more information on our reusable mop systems, or scroll down to view the reusable mops system brochure in the downloads section.

Micronclean Delta disposable cleanroom mop.

Disposable Cleanroom Mops

Micronclean's PureGuard mopping system presents a microfibre disposable system for small to large scale cleanrooms.

Click for more information on our Delta disposable mop systems, or scroll down to view the disposable mops system brochure in the downloads section.


CleanGuard5 Delta 950ml Trigger Spray

All our transparent trigger spray bottles have a low centre of gravity coupled with a tamper-resistant trigger head and a long trigger handle giving ease of use in a cleanroom environment.

Click for more information on our Delta 950ml Trigger Spray, or scroll down to view the Delta 950ml Trigger Spray specification in the downloads section.

Micronclean Delta 5 Litre RFU cleanroom cleaner

CleanGuard5 Delta 5L RFU

Our CleanGuard5 Delta Hard surface cleaning agent comes in a convenient carrying size and weight 5 Litre container, complete with a screw on air tight cap and a visible liquid level.

Click for more information on our Delta 5L RFU, or scroll down to view the Delta 5L RUF specification in the downloads section.

Micronclean Delta wipes VeriGuard 2

VeriGuard 2 Delta Polycellulose Pouch Wipes

Micronclean's VeriGuard 2 Delta pre-saturated wipes offers an innovative and quality approach to contamination control within all cleanroom environments.

Click for more information on our Delta pre-saturated wipes, or scroll down to view the Delta pre-saturated wipes specification in the downloads section.


Q1: Is there a regulatory driver for using a Neutral Detergent?

The current draft of the new Annex 1 for GMP states that “The disinfection of cleanrooms is particularly important. They should be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly in accordance with a written programme. For disinfection to be effective, prior cleaning to remove surface contamination should be performed."

In our view the best solution to use for prior cleanroom cleaning is a neutral detergent.

Q2: So, what does the neutral detergent do?

A pharmaceutical quality neutral detergent will have been designed for use in a cleanroom environment alongside a rotational disinfection routine and will remove dirt and contaminants without reducing the effectiveness of the disinfectants.

Q3: How often should I use Delta?

As cleaning with Delta preserves the effectiveness of the disinfectant we would recommend that you use Delta every time before you disinfect.

Q4: How do I know if a detergent is compatible with my existing disinfectants?

At Micronclean our Delta (Neutral Detergent) product has been developed for use with and rigorously tested alongside our existing Alpha and Beta rotational disinfectant products to ensure complete compatibility.

Q5: If I don’t use your disinfectants can I still use Delta?

Our Delta product has been developed to be fully compatible with other disinfectant regimes by having the following key features:

 • Low foaming formulation - this reduces the risk of streaks and staining when in use which could affect the subsequent disinfectant effectiveness

 • Neutral (pH 6.5-7.5) - to ensure that it is non-corrosive and will not damage hard surfaces

 • Supplied Pre-mixed - to ensure a homogeneous distribution of the active ingredient

 • Manufactured with WFI - to ensure maximum cleanroom compatibility with cleanroom environment

 • Gamma Irradiated - to give a sterile product with a two-year shelf life.

Q6: Is Delta the same as the detergent you pre-saturated your mops with before?

Delta it is not the same detergent as the detergent we used before. Delta it is Neutral Detergent pH 6.5-7.5, whereas the previous detergent was a High Alkaline Detergent with a pH in the range 9-10.

Q7: Have you performed any direct comparisons between the two detergents?

Because of the marked difference in pH, we haven’t performed any comparison testing.

Q8: So, what else should I be aware of?

Delta should always be used as part of a documented cleaning and disinfectant regime with the cleanroom that does not “overstretch” the chemicals. In addition, it is important that these instructions are always followed as it is possible for all detergent solutions to become contaminated with bacteria if not changed frequently which results in the cleaning process actually spreading these pathogens around the environment instead of removing them.

Q9: What product forms does Delta currently come in?

Delta is currently available in the following product forms:

• Delta Reusable Laundered Mops (Sterile)
• Delta Microfibre Disposable Mops (Sterile)
• Delta 950ml Trigger Sprays (Sterile)
• Delta 5L RFU (Sterile)
• Delta Pre-Saturated Wipes (Sterile)

For more information on our Delta Neutral Detergent range, click here.