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Cleanroom Solutions - Our Annex 1 Reusable Sock Success

Cleanroom Solutions - Our Annex 1 Reusable Sock Success BlogCleanroomPPE/Textiles27.07.2023

The announcement and upcoming 25th August 2023 deadline for GMP Annex 1 directive has been a welcomed deadline after a long revision period for cleanroom service providers and our customers working in the sterile medicinal industries.

The revised requirements in this version include additional guidance on the qualification of cleanroom garments. One of the most important of which is that no outdoor clothing, other than personal underwear, should be brought into changing rooms that lead to Grade B and Grade C cleanrooms. One key clothing item affected by this change is the use of socks in cleanrooms. Although Micronclean already offers a consumable cleanroom sock, there was a clear need to provide a reusable version, not only as an additional choice for customers but also for environmental reasons.

In preparation for this, over the past 18 months we have been busy developing, testing, refining and trialling our own cleanroom rental sock offering. Micronclean’s reusable laundered cleanroom sock has been specifically designed and validated to Annex 1 standards ensuring regulatory compliance for both Micronclean and our customers. Creating this sock and ensuring it meets our strict standards has been extremely popular with our customers due to its comfortable fabric and availability in multiple sizes. Moreover, the sock provides peace of mind through full traceability via our Protrack system.

With only a month remaining until Annex 1 comes into effect, there may still be companies that remain unconvinced or hesitant about adopting a reusable sock. However, the ultimate decision though lies in how to maintain regulatory adherence while managing costs; Micronclean can offer a solution that meets your requirements.

If you would like more information about our how laundered sock service could help you with compliance to Annex 1 please contact your Account Manager or visit our website. You can call us on +44 (0) 1754 767377 or email: