Micronclean And Noopli Announce Strategic Partnership



Noopli and Micronclean are pleased to announce they have entered into a UK strategic partnership, combining Noopli’s polymeric contamination control flooring solutions with Micronclean’s world class cleanroom products and services.

With contamination control playing an increasingly critical role in cleanrooms and controlled environments, businesses recognise the need to have in place the best possible solutions. The Noopli-Micronclean partnership brings together a unique blend of product knowledge and experience in contamination control. Noopli's proven solution, together with years of industry experience compliments Micronclean’s already extensive product range and product knowledge which has always focused on quality and innovation means that the partnership can deliver proven contamination control strategies.

Micronclean will initially be launching 3 products as part of their 'GuardTack range':

  • GuardTack 3 - An installed solution for areas of pedestrianised and light wheeled traffic.
  • GuardTack 4 - An installed solution for areas of heavier wheeled traffic.
  • GuardTack 5 - A self-installed solution, providing a 'contact-free' installation.

For more information please visit the product pages on the website.