Micronclean announce optional triple wrapping of sterile packs



Micronclean are pleased to announce the addition of optional triple wrapping for their MicronDevices sterile packs range.

From 23/07/19 triple wrapping will be available for any product in the sterile packs range. Micronclean are the leading provider in Europe of pharmacy compounding packs including syringes, syringe caps, needles and dispensing pins.

Many end users of critical products remove layers of packaging as part of a controlled transfer process. Having three layers of sterile packaging can enable end users to remove costly sanitisation steps from their transfer process saving both time and the cost of sanitising agents.

Micronclean’s Medical Device Technical Specialist Philip Borrington commented “We are delighted to introduce a triple wrapping option to our sterile pack range in response to customer needs. I am confident that our validated packaging system will assist users in streamlining their transfer processes to ultimately realise cost savings.”

If you would like to talk to someone about triple wrapping of sterile packs, or have a another bespoke requirement, please contact Micronclean’s Medical Device Technical Specialist Philip Borrington: Tel: 01754 767377 or email: philip.borrington@micronclean.co.uk